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Writing a resume for a position in the government is very different from the traditional type of resume. Such documents are most commonly referred to as federal resumes, and you need to learn more about them before you start writing yours.

The main difference is there are many strict requirements simply to get your federal resume submitted. Unless you are able to meet them, there is a very high chance a hiring manager will not even see your document. In addition to that, the length and the number of pages is different as well. Thus, it is vital to understand why writing a federal resume has nothing in common with writing a traditional resume.

The main reason is that getting a position in the government is a more comprehensive and lengthy path, as you will have a very serious role within the government of your country. Therefore, a lot has to be done in a certain way. For instance, a government resume needs to be 1-2 pages long. Yet, it is possible to extend it to 3-7 pages in order to include all the essential information regarding an applicant’s education and work experience. A government resume should contain the following categories:

  • education
  • professional job history
  • relevant training and certifications
  • military career (if applicable)
  • additional details (in this section, an applicant is required to state whether he or she is a part of any organizations, associations, whether he or she has written publications, and so on)

How to choose a top-quality government resume writing service

In case it is your first time writing a federal resume, addressing your request to a reliable government resume writing service might be a great idea. This way, you will have an expert on hand who will assist you with every step of the writing process. Moreover, the whole procedure will feel less frustrating. Besides, using such a service makes you confident that you will manage to submit a compelling resume despite all the requirements you are supposed to meet. Thus, you will have more chances to get the job you have applied for.

A few more tips to take into account when writing a federal resume are as follows:

  • make certain the length of your resume corresponds to the requirements
  • create a traditional resume instead of using a unique design or rare formatting
  • follow the process and the steps described in the instructions (it will help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes)
  • complete each step of the application process in a thorough and diligent manner
  • make your writing style appear human (you should aim for plain words that help you convey the message in a clear and concise manner)

The last aspect to pay attention to is spelling and grammar. Double-check the document before submitting it. In case you have the time, start writing a resume beforehand to have an opportunity to get back to it the next day. The ideal way is to have a friend or a relative take a look at your resume to provide you with relevant feedback. This way, you will be able to correct any mistakes you might have missed and to submit an impressive resume.

Having a trustworthy resume writing service at your disposal helps you avoid the common mistakes the majority of applicants usually make while working on this document. Luckily, you have the advantage of having an expert assist you with resume writing whenever you require help.

If you are in doubt, the most logical thing to do is to ask for assistance from a writer who has acquired many years of experience in the field. An expert will help you define your target audience which will result in submitting a perfectly crafted resume that will impress a hiring manager. Use the resources available to solve your resume writing problem. This way, you will manage to write a document in which all your strengths will be highlighted. Always aim for quality when writing a resume. You need to prove that a governmental organization will benefit from having you on board. The best way to do this is to explain how you can be useful to a company or organization.